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Top tips for Iceland

After realising once we had boarded our outbound flight that I had booked our holiday under Natalie Charlton and Stuart CHARLTON, there is absolutely no hope for me… However, we did pick up some useful tips during our time in Iceland that may help the next traveler who comes along.


Now I know you may be thinking “well, dur!” but even with a 20kg luggage allowance bursting at the seems, I massively underestimated how brisk and cold it was going to be that far North.  This, combined with only 6 hours of sunlight and long periods of time stood still outside staring up at the galaxies, layers are crucial.  Thermal leggings and vests would be the safest option so that when you step inside a cosy bar or café, you can quickly strip down and avoid appearing 10 sizes larger than you actually are.


Be money savvy
Reykjavik in particular is expensive – we’re talking £30.00 for a pizza from the local take out.  So, as long as you are sensible when it comes to booking the trip and any excursions, you should be able to save some spends for a romantic meal by the harbour with a bottle of wine.  We booked our trip as a package through TUI and it only came to £400.00pp which included flights, transfer, hotel and excursions – so do your research beforehand!

N.B. TUI Customer Service were also fantastic during this trip with a 24/7 What’s app line for emergencies – like fraudulently entering a country under the wrong name and trying to figure out how you get back home!

Appy Hour
Potentially the best app I have come across.  Appy Hour uses your location to let you know how close you are to the nearest pubs and what time they serve happy hour until (so useful when you’d rather spend £6 on a pint than £12).  You can even filter the app to show the live happy hour locations, directions are listed in-app and you can even see pictures of the bars you’re heading to.

Blue Lagoon conditionerfile4-7
On the way to our Blue Lagoon experience, we were advised to smother our hair in the conditioner provided in the shower rooms to protect our hair from drying out.  I was convinced that I wasn’t going to get my hair wet at all, as the next stop on our tour was to stand out in the open during the night to look for the Aurora Borealis.  However, it is inevitable that you are going to get your hair wet and so I would highly recommend taking their advice and using the conditioner – I had to use an emergency hair mask on our return as I felt like a scarecrow.  Most tours also give plenty of time for you to use the facilities and dry your hair after the spa experience.

Make the most of your time
file-21Most tour companies offer a 4-day trip to Iceland and if you are sensible with your time, this is all you need.  We had around 2 activities a day booked with early starts and late nights, and although it is difficult to get out of bed in the dark when you’re on holiday – it is well worth catching both sunrise and sunset on the way to your next excursion.


Additional information
Hotel: Fosshotel Baron, Reykjavik
Time of year: November

Favourite meal: Lamb soup in a bread roll at Svarta Kaffiðfile1-11

Favourite activity: Snowmobiling on Langjokull Glacier

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