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My Travel Essentials

Packing to go on a trip you have never been on before can be very overwhelming and difficult to get started with.  When talking to other travellers, the general consensous is always “I overpacked!”  There are no two packing lists that are exactly the same and being honest there are no right or wrong things… Continue reading My Travel Essentials

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The Pinnacles of Borneo

Looking back, I consider this the most difficult trek I completed in Southeast Asia (including the volcano climbs).  This is not only because we climbed (only 2.2km) at an average of 60% gradient, including 12 ladders of 100% gradient, but predominantly because I wasn’t mentally prepared for the excursion.  We decided to set out into the untouched jungles… Continue reading The Pinnacles of Borneo

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Making plans along the Riviera Maya

Although lounging on the beautiful white beaches and paddling in the Caribbean sea could easily fill your time along the east coast of Mexico, the world-renowned Riviera Maya has such a variety of activities to offer, it would be a shame to spend the whole time hugging the coastline.  Why not take a break from… Continue reading Making plans along the Riviera Maya

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Off the beaten track in Rio de Janeiro

It goes without saying that Copacabana and Ipanema beach, Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf mountain), and one of the New7Wonders of the World, Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) are must-sees when visiting Rio de Janeiro.  But after spending just over 2 weeks in this stunning city, I realised that most of my favourite activities are not listed… Continue reading Off the beaten track in Rio de Janeiro

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Top 4 Temples: Peninsular Malaysia & Indonesia

Travellers are spoilt for choice in terms of sacred temples in Malaysia & Indonesia, and with 140ft gold statues, misty sunrises, cliff-edge sunsets, and limestone caves, the choice can feel somewhat overwhelming for Europeans who are used to bog-standard churches and the odd cathedral.  Hence this blog post… I’ve sifted through the masses of temples we… Continue reading Top 4 Temples: Peninsular Malaysia & Indonesia

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Public transport in Buenos Aires

Each barrio or neighbourhood in Buenos Aires is around the same size as an average European city making it a difficult city to walk around, and an expensive city to drive around.  After living there for a few months, I quickly learnt that getting the hang of the public transport system would make my commute to work… Continue reading Public transport in Buenos Aires